Jay Clark

Founder/Lead Videographer/Editor

There is one factor that contributes to my work ethic, skill, and eagerness to be great at what I do. That is Passion. It is what pushes me to excel at any venture in my film career to my personal life. My passion for creating films began with my first video camera when I was 19 making short films with friends. I started my film career in 2010 after enrolling in film school. I began to study film and it became prevalent that I was born to create films. 

I currently run and operate Your Videographer wedding films full time and other projects that can further develop my career. I always have fun working on any project I take on with an aversion to mediocrity. I try to make every video better than my last. Creating a wedding film that a family can love and cherish forever is the most rewarding path I have chosen.  

YourVideographer, Jay Clark

Frank Hernandez / Lead Videographer

Frank is one of the lead videographers for Your Videographer. He has been working with the company since 2014 and has earned a reputation with clients for his attention to detail and understanding how to capture every moment. If Jay is not at our wedding, You will certainly have Frank there to film your wedding.

Frank has filmed dozens of weddings contributing to the success of Your Videographer and has a great eye for capturing those special moments. His passion for our clients needs has enabled us to create the portfolio we currently have.

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