The Benefits Of Having Two Wedding Videographers

“You are my dearest friend, are my deepest love. You are the best of me.”

Many may not understand why so many photographers and wedding videographers include two team members to be present on the wedding day. With this being something that we are asked about on a regular basis, we wanted to help educate everyone on the why behind this strategy. 

Here are a few reasons why it benefits everyone to have a lead videographer and an associate videographer present:

Capturing each moment with plenty of time.

One thing that you don’t want to feel on your wedding day is rushed. With having two wedding videographers present, you will have one getting footage of each of you getting ready. Also, there will be one getting footage during portrait time with the couple after the ceremony and one inside getting some of the guests and cocktail hour. You will have moments captured from different angles, like you see in Edgar & Rachel’s video featured here today! There are so many various angles throughout the video to help tell their complete story!

It’s so fun being able to creatively put wedding films together with all of the different scenarios and footage that we get!

No stress!

Not only does it alleviate stress for you as a couple, but for the team that you’ve invested in. They are able to happily help each other throughout the day with different angles, equipment, and with just everything that the entire day holds for wedding videographers! 

You’re getting the best with your investment with two videographers. I promise. Every angle, every word, every moment is filmed to help best tell your love story.

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