Best Wedding Tips From A Texas Wedding Videographer

Quick Tips To Make Your Planning A Little Easier From Your Texas Wedding Videographer

As you’re planning your wedding, you’re probably searching all over for advice. Advice from family, friends, and of course, Pinterest. That is where your Texas wedding videographer comes in to help with even more than just filming your wedding day. 

We don’t just love our jobs on the day of the wedding, but we also love it leading up to that special day. We enjoy helping our couples with anything they may need from us leading up to their wedding. So, today, we are going to share with you 3 of the best tips from the perspective of a Texas wedding videographer.

1.) Pay attention to details

You have probably heard me say this many times in the blog, but it’s something that we are passionate about. Your wedding photographer and videographer are going to capture the physical details - like your centerpieces and photos on display. So, your details truly help with telling the story of your wedding. They help share more about who you are as a couple. Because each couple is different, this means that no two weddings will look or feel the exact same, meaning that the wedding highlight film we create will be completely different and tell a different story from the last one.

2.) Make time for photos!

Like many couples, you are probably making the important investment in wedding photography and videography. These are two of the most important investments that you will make for your wedding day. (Next to the food, of course!) So, as you’re planning your timeline, be sure to plan enough time with your photographer and videographer to get even more photos and footage to look back on for a lifetime!

3.) Consider sharing a moment before the ceremony

There are many different things that you can do as a couple before the ceremony. A lot of couples have done a first look. Many couples also share a simple moment before hand where they are around the corner, or behind the door, exchanging gifts, holding hands, talking, or saying a prayer. These moments can be so special to the couple as a whole to calm any pre-ceremony nerves. You also get really sweet, intimate photos to admire forever and footage to include in your wedding highlight film. 

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