Finding The Best Wedding Videographer

“When you love what you have, you have everything you need.”.

When you meet Bryant and Alexis, you meet two people who are madly in love with one another. You can see it in the way they look at each other, hold each other, and by the amazing words that were said about them on their wedding day at The Bell Tower on 34th. As a wedding videographer, there’s nothing that I love more than filming two people truly in love, dedicating their lives to one another. 

In today’s blog, I’m going to share a little bit about finding the perfect wedding videographer for your wedding day. This will hopefully help the decision making process a little bit easier for you!

Connect with them!

There’s nothing like a personal connection. 

When you’re searching all over the Internet for the perfect wedding videographer, get in touch with them! If you have found a few videographers who’s work that you like, it never hurts to send an email, call them, or even meet in person to chat about the service they provide! Connecting with them also helps to see how well you click. Here at Your Videographer, I love connecting with couples to see what they’re looking for in their wedding videographer! It also gives me the chance to talk with them about my passion and my workflow.

Your wedding videographer is someone who will be at your wedding most of the day. They are someone that you want to connect with well.

Watch more than one of their videos.

Being in the wedding industry for many years now, I enjoy when people watch multiple videos that I’ve created. Wedding videographers spend a good amount of time after the wedding putting together the perfect wedding video that tells the story a very special way. This is for the couple and their loved ones to enjoy afterwards. It also helps other couples make the decision on who they want to trust to film their love story.

Take some time and watch a couple videos from the wedding videographers that you’re interested in. It’s definitely worth the time!

Price points.

Here comes the tricky point of this blog… Pricing can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss at times, but have no fear! Talking about it and asking the right questions does not hurt. This is what wedding videographers do for a living. And you, as the couple, are investing in a very special service that you won’t regret

It’s best to discuss everything and leave no loose ends. Being on the same page with your wedding videographer is crucial. 

Interested in meeting with Your Videographer?

That’s great! Get in touch with me today and let’s schedule a consultation.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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