Having Each Moment Of Your Wedding Day Captured With A Houston Wedding Video

Meeting a couple like Maria and Tim as a wedding videographer is such a wonderful experience. Being able to work with amazing clients and offer them a Houston wedding video to remember is something I’m honored to do. 

Here are a few reasons why having each moment of your wedding captured with a wedding video is something important. 

1.) Getting ready.

You can see in Maria and Tim’s wedding film all of the beautiful moments we captured before the ceremony. With everyone around, laughing, crying, and saying kind words… those are moments that you’ll want to cherish for a lifetime. It’s important to ensure that you schedule your Houston wedding videographer with enough time to be there to film those important details before you walk down the aisle. 

2.) The ceremony.

Every moment at Maria and Tim’s wedding was important. And it’s the same for yours, too! That’s why we utilize every camera angle and audio recording we can to make sure every detail and word said is recorded perfectly! That is one of the best things about rewatching your Houston wedding video - hearing your vows and toasts over again. 

Another great thing is remembering all of the beautiful scenery of your wedding. La Tranquila Ranch gave that beautiful backdrop to Maria and Tim with their ceremony and reception being held there.

3.) The reception and all that awesome dancing.

We all have that friend that’s probably going to stay on the dance floor all night long. Or that bridesmaid that is going to make an extremely heartfelt toast. Maybe you want to remember the prayer your dad prayed before the meal. Either way, these are things that are all captured creatively with our wedding videography team. Your wedding is important to us and we want to help you remember every detail. 

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2 Things You Need To Know About Houston Wedding Cinematography

During a consultation with couples in regards to Houston wedding cinematography, there is a good amount of information we talk about. (Our team likes to have all bases and details covered!) We discuss everything from locations, timing, and pricing. We especially enjoy hearing about our couples, how they met, and what their wedding day will be like. You’ll also hear a little about Your Videographer and our passion in this business.

With that, there are 2 things that we wanted to share with couples today to help them in their search of a wedding videographer. And maybe even keep in mind if they have hired their videographer!

1.) Watch different styles of wedding videos.

You’re probably thinking, “Why is this important?” In this aspect, wedding videography is a lot like wedding photography. As most of you may know, there are many different styles of photography. It’s important to view other videos and styles to understand what it is that you like and know what you are investing in!

2.) Time for bridal shots.

It’s always important to allot enough time to capture these moments that include getting ready, bridal, and bridal party shots. These are some of the best details that every couple loves to look back on once they get their wedding video! And these are also some favorites for us to get as a Houston wedding cinematography company. 

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Amazing Houston Wedding Films No Matter What!

Serving our couples and creating memorable Houston wedding films is not just our job. It’s something that we are completely passionate about! No matter your venue, your budget, or your needs, Your Videographer will be there for you, creating an amazing wedding video that will tell your beautiful story! 

Today, I’m going to talk to you about the things that should never hold you back from investing in your wedding videography!

1.) Your location.

Never let your location be a factor that holds you back from hiring the best wedding videographer for your big day. Like I said previously, creating memorable Houston wedding films is something we are passionate about. We carry that with us to every location, every wedding venue, and every couple, no matter what. If your venue is strict on the rules with photography or wedding videography, just let us know and we can read their rules and see what can be done! 

2.) Your budget.

Now, this is always a really tough spot to be in when you know you want a wedding video, but you don’t know where it will go in the budget. Let me tell you that I have never had a couple regret their investment in their wedding videography. It’s becoming more and more important as time goes on to include this in your big day. You can read more about that here where I talk about the special details that go in to your wedding video!

3.) Your needs.

With the many Houston wedding films under our belts, and the happy couples that we have worked with over the years, I can say with confidence that your needs will be met. One of the reasons why I enjoy meeting with couples for a consultation is to get a good idea on who they are and what it is that they are looking for. 

Does our team at Your Videographer meet the needs that you’re looking for? Get in touch today and let’s discuss your needs for your wedding videography!

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