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Some weddings take place at farm, some take place in the city, and some… well, some take place in a castle! Lauren and Kevin’s wedding day was one that took place at the beautiful Chateau Cocomar in Houston. This has to be one of my favorite venues. When you watch their video, you can see every detail that makes this location one of a kind. And Lauren and Kevin’s wedding was just that… One of a kind! From all of the details and their beautiful vows… With specializing in wedding videography, it sure was a day to remember! 

With Your Videographer, you can rest assured knowing that your wedding videography is in the best hands. Here are a few reasons how a videographer will help tell the story of your wedding day.

1.) Multiple camera angles

This is incredibly important with telling the story of anyone’s wedding. Whether this means setting up different cameras or having multiple videographers there, having different angles is a crucial component in quality wedding videography. As you can see in Lauren and Kevin’s video featured here today, there are so many great and unique angles that helped us put together the story of their wedding day.

2.) “I’m here, but I’m not really here.”

I like to be discrete. And there is a method to this. I want to be there, but I want everyone to “forget that I am there.” That helps me capture the real, candid moments, without everyone feeling like there is a lens constantly in their face. This is especially helpful during the moments where everyone is getting ready. I always like it when my clients and couples bring me in during the times when they are still getting ready. Doing this adds a special element in their day and in their wedding videography experience. This will help us tell the whole story of your day from start to finish. 

3.) Adding a different component to your day. 

Here at Your Videographer, I work closely with photographers on a regular basis. So, I know the importance of wedding photography. But investing in wedding videography will add a completely different and unique component to your day. With a wedding video, you will be able to go back and listen to the letters you wrote, the vows that you said, and the tears that were shed. It’s also important for the friends and family who probably couldn’t make it to your wedding day. When they get to go back and watch your video, they will feel like they were there!

And last, but not least, I love meeting for in-person consultations. This gives all of us the chance to get to know each other and it gives me the chance to ask you about your wedding videography needs. I like to know what’s important to my clients, because they are important to me.

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My Favorite Things About Being A Houston Wedding Videographer - Your Videographer

A wedding like Kristen and Austen’s reminds me why I love what I do as a Houston wedding videographer. Not only do they share really beautiful vows full of their personality, but there are unique moments placed specially throughout their day. You can see it in their first look, their cake cutting, and all of the dancing with their loved ones surrounding them. And with that, today, I’m going to let you in on a little bit about me and my life behind the lens of a wedding day. 

1.) What I do.

Preparing for a wedding day takes a little bit of time, but I have it down to a science. I always make sure my batteries and all equipment I need are ready to go the night before and double check everything the next day. Next, I go over any notes from when I met with my couple. I do this to make sure I don’t miss a single thing that my couple may want from me at their wedding. Before I leave for the day, I make sure to touch base with the coordinator. (If there is one.) And one thing I always ensure is that I am arriving early! So, I’m needed there at 2pm, I’m arriving and connecting with my couple 30 minutes - 1 hour before that!

I also enjoy a nice bowl of fruit the morning of to get my energy up! 

2.) My favorite things.

This will vary from videographer to videographer, but my top favorite thing at any wedding is the couples unique personalities and chemistry they share. When a couple has that true chemistry, I know I am going to capture some really cute moments between them. 

Coming in a close second would have to be a tie between flying my drone and eating a slice of wedding cake. Seriously, wedding cake is the best. When I’m shooting the details and it comes time to get footage of the cake, I know when I smell it that it’s going to be good! 

And last, but not least, I love capturing those raw emotions that make you feel like you’re there again. You can see what I’m talking about in Kristen and Austen’s video. There were wonderful moments of tears shed during the ceremony and hugs all around during the reception. Definitely something this awesome couple will be happy to relive for a lifetime.

3.) What my clients say.

Although the things above are some of my favorite parts about being behind the camera… this is one of my favorite things after a wedding.

One of the best parts about my job as a Houston wedding videographer is when my clients love their videos. There’s nothing like hearing “we love it!” or getting an awesome review like this one:

“First I would like to say that he is very professional and knowledgeable. The theme of my wedding was Cinderella and he asked, “will there be any special moments that need to be captured?” to me that was awesome because honestly I forgot myself. He was so on point with everything, understanding, and affordable. My video was in great timing and I was so amazed that I cried. My family and friends loved it and I have watched it numerous times. Funny thing is I searched and researched videographers, but when I saw Jay’s work I instantly knew I wanted him. You will be more than pleased. My husband and I are already planning another party so that we can book him. Thanks again Jay.” -Mannika & Donald

There is that one and more over on The Knot! And I would love to offer the same service to you and your fiancé on your wedding day! Are you interested in having Your Videographer tell the story of your wedding day? Visit the contact page and let’s set up a consultation today!

The Details That Go In To Your Wedding Video - Your Videographer

As a Houston wedding videographer, I have filmed many special moments. Each wedding varies from couple to couple. With each couple comes a different venue, a different culture, and different families. With each day being so different, it also brings a uniqueness to the words spoken and details on display. Today, I will be sharing a few things that I, as a wedding videographer, make sure to capture for each couple that I work with to ensure they are getting the best possible wedding video. 

1.) Reading letters and vows.

With this detail being one of the first to share with you all, I really encourage you to watch Monique and Enrique’s wedding video featured here today. They read letters that they were giving to one another on their wedding day. It was such an emotional moment to capture and I know that it meant so much to them to have this included in their video. They will enjoy listening to the words exchanged between one another for years to come.

2.) Seeing real reactions.

More important moments that I make sure to capture are the real reactions between the couple and their loved ones on this monumental day. In Monique and Enrique’s wedding video, you can see the moment where Monique’s dad walks in and he sees his little girl in her wedding dress. His reaction and the hug they shared is something that can be relived between the two of them for a lifetime.

And with that,

3.) Reliving your wedding over and over… 

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. With all of the work, the details that you thought about, and marrying the love of your life, why wouldn’t you want to relive it? As your Houston wedding videographer, I can guarantee that your day and every moment will be captured with care and your story will be shared. Hiring a wedding videographer is something that you won’t regret. And you are welcome to read about that here

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