Capturing Every Moment With Wedding Videography

Elan and Vince’s wedding at the Tuscan Courtyard was a day to remember for everyone. This couple is so wonderful! Not only do they share great chemistry, but their vows truly showed who they are as a couple. Being their wedding videography company, I’m excited to feature their wedding here today where you can experience their wedding for yourself. You can also hear their sweet vows and experience their tea ceremony. 

Their unique moments

This wedding and this couple were different, just like each wedding and couple that I film. Their day included their tea ceremony, an exciting first look, and a lot of really cute moments in between. This is such an honor for me to capture because from here on out, they can look back and remember those amazing moments that brought them together as one.

Their first look & vows

How great is it that Elan and Vince get to look back and remember each word in their vows and the excitement during their first look? I am passionate about wedding videography and being there to film these special moments for amazing couples.

You don’t have to worry!

With Your Videographer on your side, you can rest assured that each special moment will be captured. Our passionate team is here for you to help make this the best day ever.

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Being A Trusted Wedding Videographer

With experience and passion, becoming a trusted wedding videographer in Houston is something I’m incredibly proud of. It’s been such an amazing journey throughout my career in filmmaking. From working on various projects, to working with couples and telling their story, there’s no other job I’d rather have. 

When working with Lorenzo and his wonderful bride, I got to experience why I do what I do all over again. From the amazing location, to the schedule and reception, their whole day held nothing back!

The perfect location for their wedding…

You’ve seen in another blog of mine that the Petroleum Club of Houston has quickly become one of my favorite wedding venues. Both their ceremony and reception were held here, and every detail was perfectly put in place, looking like their wedding was just meant to be there all along. 

It’s so important that your wedding location reflect you both. That’s exactly what this venue did for this wedding and has done for many others.

Trusting your people!

It’s so important for you to trust your wedding vendors. And Lorenzo did! This couple gave us complete creative freedom and trusted us to do what we do best. There’s no greater feeling than that as a wedding videographer.

Are you ready to see their story?

You’ll have to wait just a little bit longer, but I can guarantee that you will be dancing right along with them throughout their video! Their reception was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in a while! Everyone was on that dance floor! 

Stay tuned over the next couple weeks to see their highlight wedding video!

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A Dream Come True | Houston Videographer

As a Houston wedding videographer, I’ve worked with many wonderful couples. Some great couples have made me feel more like I am one of their friends, as part of the wedding, rather than just “the video guy” or just someone they hired to tell their love story. Chandler’s wedding day was no different. Working with this couple and their amazing bridal party was a dream come true for my team and I. 

Location, location, location…

This gorgeous day took place at a few amazing locations. The ceremony was held at the Holy Rosary Catholic Church and their reception took place at one of my new favorite places in Houston, The Petroleum Club of Houston. Just stay tuned, because soon you’ll be able to see just how great these locations are in their highlight wedding film!

“Just know that you want your story to be told… And make that happen.”

Chandler was a bride that was very certain on what she wanted. (Which I love.) She was passionate about her love story being told and was absolutely thrilled about having a wedding videographer there to help highlight her big day, marrying the man of her dreams.

Team work makes the dream work.

Not only was this just an all around beautiful day, but the schedule was set up just right, giving my videography team and the amazing photography team the perfect amount of time to shoot after the ceremony! 

At each and every wedding that we do, we love to have the perfect amount of time allotted with the couple after the ceremony!

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If you’re a bride, endlessly searching to someone to capture and tell your love story, you’ve come to the right place. Our passion here at Your Videographer is just that. We love what we do and desire for all of our couples to experience it for themselves!

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