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As a Houston wedding videographer, I have filmed many special moments. Each wedding varies from couple to couple. With each couple comes a different venue, a different culture, and different families. With each day being so different, it also brings a uniqueness to the words spoken and details on display. Today, I will be sharing a few things that I, as a wedding videographer, make sure to capture for each couple that I work with to ensure they are getting the best possible wedding video. 

1.) Reading letters and vows.

With this detail being one of the first to share with you all, I really encourage you to watch Monique and Enrique’s wedding video featured here today. They read letters that they were giving to one another on their wedding day. It was such an emotional moment to capture and I know that it meant so much to them to have this included in their video. They will enjoy listening to the words exchanged between one another for years to come.

2.) Seeing real reactions.

More important moments that I make sure to capture are the real reactions between the couple and their loved ones on this monumental day. In Monique and Enrique’s wedding video, you can see the moment where Monique’s dad walks in and he sees his little girl in her wedding dress. His reaction and the hug they shared is something that can be relived between the two of them for a lifetime.

And with that,

3.) Reliving your wedding over and over… 

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. With all of the work, the details that you thought about, and marrying the love of your life, why wouldn’t you want to relive it? As your Houston wedding videographer, I can guarantee that your day and every moment will be captured with care and your story will be shared. Hiring a wedding videographer is something that you won’t regret. And you are welcome to read about that here

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