Why We Love Weddings | A Wedding Videographer Prospective

Being a wedding videographer is something that I’m incredibly proud of. I enjoy everything about it - from the creative elements of videography to filming weddings. I’ve captured the stories of many different couples over the years and it’s an honor every time. In Nikeisha and Clayton’s wedding video featured here today, you can see the unique elements of wedding videography and how we tell the story of your day.

And with that, I’m excited to share with you from the eyes of a wedding videographer, why I love weddings.

1.) Each story is unique.

No couple is the same. And that’s what makes each wedding celebration so memorable. Each couple has unique elements to their story and it is my job to capture each moment to later be able to tell their important story.

2.) Details, details, and more details.

No matter what trends are happening in the wedding industry, it’s so important for me as a wedding videographer to capture every single detail of a wedding. The details that the couple worked hard on and put a lot of thought in to helps describe them, so these things are definitely memorable and something that the couple will always want to remember.

3.) Helping couples tell their love story.

Like I stated before, each couple has unique elements to their story. As people, we are all different. So, that makes each couples love story different from the last. (Which is beautiful!) It is my passion to be able to film and put their story together in a way that will take their breath away each and every time it’s watched. 

I don’t want anyone to miss out on the importance of wedding videography! Get in touch with Your Videographer today to discuss the investment in a wedding videographer for your day!

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