Why A Houston Wedding Videographer Should Be A Priority On Your Wedding Day

Specializing in weddings, we know that there are quite a few things that need to be prioritized on your wedding day. Everything from the food, to the colors, to your photographer. As you are planning your wedding, I want to encourage you to also consider investing in a Houston wedding videographer to uniquely capture your wedding day! 

Here are a couple reasons why wedding videography has become a priority for many couples…

1.) A different way to relive your wedding day.

Everyone desires an amazing wedding photographer to help their memories stand still. Here at Your Videographer, we love working side by side with photographers to capture the most important details at any wedding. But there’s something special about wedding videography that you can’t get anywhere else. In a wedding video, you can relive all of the dances with your new spouse and your family members, you will always remember what your maid of honor said during her speech, and the laughter you shared with your favorite people as your got ready for your most special day. A lot like Katy and Barrett’s highlight wedding video featured today, you can’t help but tear up when you hear their vows and when Dad gives his toast!

There’s truly nothing like wedding videography to make you feel everything you felt on your wedding day again..

2.) A tradition on each anniversary. 

Having a Houston wedding videographer document your day could also be the beginning of a new tradition after you tie the knot! Imagine sitting on the couch, with your dogs and babies, watching your wedding video… That’s a great tradition to look forward to every year. You’ll remember how you felt and how much your love has grown since that special day!

3.) Something to pass down to your children and grandchildren. 

I know, that’s looking way into the future, but don’t you wish that you could have seen your parents or your grandparents wedding day? This would be something so special to be passed down from generation to generation. 

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